Stop Making Sense!

One of the themes of the 2021 StAnza International Poetry Festival was nonsense verse, and here at Stop Making Sense we're all for a little bit of silliness! Our aim is to help you to join in, and just make life a little less serious for a few minutes!

There are three light-hearted activities here with poet-y stuff to play with.

You can submit your nonsense poem(s) to the Stop Making Sense collection at the end of each activity, or simply experiment with the activities, browse our nonsense collection, and hopefully have a laugh!

tidy nonsense - Spike the dog typing on a computersurprisingly tidy nonsense
joining-in nonsense - Spike the dog pegging up sheets of paper on a line Joining-in nonsense
wildy creative nonsense - Spike the dog thinking hard with a blank sheet of paper Wildly creative nonsense

About offensive words

Offensive words - we all know they exist. Stop Making Sense has some devices that find rhymes and random words for you using large online dictionaries. We'd like to be family friendly here, so we have implemented a profanity filter to prevent words that might give offence from being suggested. English is a large and changing language however, and it's possible that our filters might miss a word that you find upsetting. Should that happen: first of all our apologies, and secondly - please use this form to let us know what the word was so we can take appropriate action.