Stop Making Sense!

Joining-in nonsense

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Spike the dog reading the huge Bestiary of Impossibility

Strange and wonderful creatures lie out there beyond the bounds of common sense. The Bestiary of Impossibility is where every one of them can find a home. It is a collection of poems about strange and terrible and wonderful creatures that are almost entirely impossible.

In 1920s Paris, Surrealist artists and writers made up strange poems and pictures using a game called ‘Exquisite Corpse’. Our Bestiary of Impossibility is inspired by this game. By jumbling up all the descriptions we receive, who knows what strange nonsensical creatures might come to light?

Creature Features

feet as sure as magnetic boots

wings as bright as an angel's teeth

tail like a billow-y sail

smell like musty leaves

paws as sure as wise man's word

feet as tired as a nurse's

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