The third in a series of short films concerned with the work of artist Tansy Lee Moir. The first two films foraging, and connecting, are micro-documentaries, but for our third film, concerned with a less tangible idea, we wanted to experiment with something different.

Aiming to address an essential aspect of making, both at the heart of the creative process and yet fleeting, and hard to define, we wanted to make a film that was itself an artwork – an interpretive combination of poetry and moving images employed together with music. 

The result is transforming, a four minute poetry film, made in collaboration between a visual artist, a dancer, a composer, and a filmmaker/poet.


poetry film by Steve Smart

Steve Smart is a poet and poetry film maker. His recent poetry films use an approach he calls 'time-based paint', where image, word, sound and music are applied and layered across the timeline much as line and tone cover and define space two-dimensional work. Although largely non-narrative, these works retain firm structure and form, and have a more abstract kind of story arc that can foster a strong intuitive sense of connection.


drawing by Tansy Lee Moir

Tansy Lee Moir draws and paints uniquely figurative images inspired by the forms and stories of old trees. To her, trees are sculpted non-human experience shaped in dialogue with their environment: they are time made wood. Her charcoal drawings explore this idea of movement through space and time, examining the interplay of the observed and the imagined.

"my dialogue with trees asks not just what they look like, but also what looking at trees can tell us about ourselves"


movement by Suzi Cunningham

Suzi Cunningham is a Scottish live-performance artist and Butoh dancer. Her work explores relationships with all life forms as well as manufactured materials, making embodied connections in a way that itself approaches transformation.


music by Zack Moir

Zack Moir is a musician, educator, and academic. He is Professor of Music at Edinburgh Napier University.

"I tried to draw this piece together out of fragments - placing dancer, artist and subject in a soundscape of ghostly elements already played, or yet to happen. It's about time - time as meter, time passing and time remembered, and those multiple overlapping timescales in which we exist alongside other beings and objects."





Tansy Lee Moir

Visual artist


Suzi Cunningham

Performance artist and dancer


Zack Moir

Musician and educator



Steve Smart

Poet and filmmaker




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