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Steve Smart

Incidental Harmonics
Book Project:
'Drawing breath' Poetry, drawings and photographs

During 2016/17 I collaborated with Tansy Lee Moir as part of her West Lothian residency Dialogue with Trees. Through visits to woods and studios and several rambling (what else?!) conversations, a collection of twelve poems called Drawing Breath drifted into focus between the trees.

Incidental Harmonics
Book Project:
'A Parcel of Light' Photographs

'A parcel of light' is a wee photobook about home hills (Angus, Scotland) I made a while ago for a friend who died recently.

You can see the book preview online for free here. Author's profits will go to the Scottish Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA Scotland) – or if you enjoy the book preview but don't want to buy, you could just give SARDA Scotland a donation online yourself – there's a link on their website.

Incidental HarmonicsBook Project:
'Incidental Harmonics' Photographs

Incidental Harmonics - a collection of fragmentary evidence.

You can see this book here.

Authors' proceeds will be donated to the National Autistic Society.



I've been involved in a broad range of creative disciplines over a number of years, leading to collaborations with artists, performers, scientists and others in fields as diverse as rehabilitation, dance, photography, video, computing, sculpture, virtual 3D modelling, digital imaging, psychology, biology, and several other areas.

My training - back in the early 12th Century it seems now! - was in science and in art, and I continue to be interested and involved in both.







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