I've been involved in a broad range of creative disciplines over a number of years, leading to collaborations with artists, performers, scientists and others in fields as diverse as rehabilitation, dance, photography, video, computing, sculpture, virtual 3D modelling, digital imaging, psychology, biology, and several other areas.

My training - back in the early 12th Century it seems now! - was in science and in art, and I continue to be interested and involved in both.

After working at the University of St Andrews for 25 years as an information designer, I'm now moving to a new phase of work. My current focus is on writing and image making, including video, and learning more through new collaborative projects.

Steve Smart


international poetry film festival
REELPoetry is based at Houston, Texas. For the 2022 festival I curated a programme of poetry films looking at humans relationship with nature called Stravaig.

Artist's films
impressionistic mini-docs
A series of short collaborative films documenting the work of artist Tansy Lee Moir.

Outputs: Foraging . Connecting

Stop Making Sense!
online nonsense poetry activities
A collaboration with poet and performer Kirsten Luckins and artist Cavan Convery commissioned as part of StAnza International Poetry Festival 2021's "No Rhyme Nor Reason" theme.

an interactive poetry reading
A collaboration with poet Rebecca Sharp commissioned by StAnza International Poetry Festival for Book Week Scotland.

Outputs included: THIS website and online interactive poetry reading, Meet the Artist Zoom discussion

collaboration with poet Matthew Caley (using text from his collection Trawlerman’s Turquoise) musician and bioacoustician Alex South, and experts in marine science at the University of St Andrews. Supported by StAnza 2020.

Poems for Doctors
video anthology
A collaboration between Scottish Poetry Library and the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews. Poems for Doctors built SPL’s Tools of the Trade anthology. Readings of poems from the anthology were made into a collection of short films. Readings were made by medical professionals or students who also explained the particular reasons or associations which had led them to the poem they chose.

Outputs included: 28 poetry films, a blog, a Facebook community, an interactive video ‘jukebox’, exhibits at several different events and locations, summary report.

Place of Graves
A video and sound collaboration with poet Brian Johnstone and musicians Richard Ingham and Louise Major, as part of the Fields of War performance project.

Outputs included: a live screening as part of a performance at SPL 7th September 2019,  an online video.

Drawing breath
short collection
A collaboration about trees, time and physicality with Queensferry based visual artist Tansy Lee Moir.

Outputs included: an online album of eight poems, a video piece and a visual poem shown at Grown Together, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh, November 2017, and a poetry reading at the same event.