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Beyond Caravaggio
Featuring masterpieces by Caravaggio and his followers at the Royal Scottish Academy
Design and installation of graphics and furniture.
Wall Text Display Plinth
Graham MacIndoe Coming Clean. MacIndoe's frank photography about addiction and recovery at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
General View Frames
Looking Good
Exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery exploring how men have chosen to depict themselves over the centuries. Design, hanging plan and installation.

Wall Text Display Plinth
Nature: Mother of Invention
Exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden detailing the historical importance of the Sapotaceae family of plants. Exhibition/graphic design, and installation.
sapotaceae exhibition sapotaceae exhibition sapotaceae exhibition
sapotaceae exhibition sapotaceae exhibition
sapotaceae exhibition sapotaceae exhibition sapotaceae exhibition
NEoN Digital Arts Festival, West Ward, Dundee. Graphics, keyclamp design/construction including monitors/projectors and installation of wallpapers.
Wall Text Display Plinth
Wall Text Wall Text
The Ties That Bind
Exhibition by photography collective Document Scotland at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh. Planning hang, design of info panels/labels and painting/installation of graphic elements.
hanging plan
Baileys Stardust
at the RSA, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. Scale model construction for planning of hang, design of display cases, info panels/labels ticket desks and shop fittings.
sketches of cases shelves and desks
shelves Baileys stardust banner
the Dell Graphics, illustration for floor and window mural at "the Dell", The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh's flexible children's area.
Designed and manufactured by
Old School Fabrications with marmoleum flooring installed by Miller's.
Making History Exhibition design for a display documenting the making of a new statue which now adorns the facade of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition details artist Sandy Stoddart's maquettes, drawings and studies for 'History', including a full size plaster cast of the piece.
Atomise for the Edinburgh International Science Festival with scientist Matt Wright, Old School Fabrications and Fifex.